Hey, I'm Nikki. I love yoga, walks on the beach and HGTV.

I'm also a recovering workaholic turned self care activist. I used to equate my outer success with my self worth. I used to struggle with shame and guilt. And I used to be in the "spiritual closet".

That's until I traveled 7K miles across the globe to Southeast Asia, where I learned mindfulness and meditation at a Buddhist monastery. 

My time was spent in silence, stillness and prayer. I learned self awareness, self compassion, and forgiveness. 

This life-changing experience inspired me to create products that encourage slow living and self-care. 

The Zenly Shop is my gift and service to you.

I'm on a mission is to empower you with tools and spiritual practices that create an inspired and elevated life. Shop our collection of jewelry and lifestyle goods.

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XO - Nikki