Worthy Women: Spiritual Guidance + Abundant Mindset Coaching

Worthy Women: Spiritual Guidance + Abundant Mindset Coaching

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Does this sound familiar...

  • you want to reach you next level of impact and income, but lack confidence
  • you let imposter syndrome keep you from playing bigger and showing up
  • you feel like you're not qualified and second guess your business idea
  • you think my vision isn’t for an ordinary woman like you

That's where Worthy Women comes in.

What’s worthy women? It’s a 90 day private coaching intensive where you create your EPIC life in just 3 months. You commit to your journey with intention and integrity. You have the accountability and support to create your dreams. That's not all...

Even better, you take quantum leaps and master yourself. 

Your leadership is what the world needs now more than ever. 

Are you ready to reach your next level?

It's as simple as 1-2-3.

Phase 1 — Change your mindset by changing the myths of your mind. Harmony in your mind is only attainable through mood control.

Phase 2 — Practice acts of self-compassion that slowly change your mood during bad mood days.

Phase 3 — Own your worthiness. Think about it. Y

Time's up self imposed limitations. 

Take back control of your thoughts, emotions, actions...your life!

What to expect...

  • 12 biweely coaching sessions
  • access to me via email & text
  • coaching & support to help you master your mood

Excited to support you on this journey! 

— xoxo

Nicole Lynn