Be True, Empower You: Self Empowerment Course
Be True, Empower You: Self Empowerment Course

Be True, Empower You: Self Empowerment Course

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Program Description 

In this hybrid course, you will work 1:1 with Empowerment Coach, Nicole Lynn, and independently at home. Get ready to dig deep. So that you can uncover what's holding you back from being the truest, happiest and most authentic version of yourself. 

Ideal for  

  • People craving a balanced, compassionate, happy and dynamic life free of BS and full of authenticity.

  • People ready to dig deep, shift limiting beliefs, and possibly make compassionate and wholehearted transformational tweaks to their lives.

  • The downright courageous and self-motivated. 

What you need

  • internet, email account and a program to edit PDF's (Adobe Acrobat is available for free online)
  • commitment to being honest with yourself (even if it feels uncomfortable)
  • commitment to the time investment (detailed below)
  • mindful understanding of expectations (you get out what you put in)

Time Investment 

Part 1: end the cycle of self-sabotage 

  • understand how you self-sabotage 
  • identify your self-destructive habits 
  • identify root causes of your stress 

Part 2: Take back control of your life 

  • reflect on your choices, decisions and actions
  • find your inner positive voice 
  • uncover your needs, wants and desires

Part 3: Set yourself up for success 

  • identify your most important work-life goals 
  • lay down your plans for the next 90 days  
  • identify key players in your support network  
Your Empowerment Coach, Nicole Lynn, will guide you through the coursework to identify your areas for growth and transformation. So that you can close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. 
Cheers to being your most empowered, happy and fulfilled self! - XOXO - Nicole Lynn