Virtual Workshop: Crystals to Manifest Your Best Life

Virtual Workshop: Crystals to Manifest Your Best Life

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Join Nikki Lynn, CEO at The Zenly Shop, for a LIVE Crystal Healing Workshop to manifest joy, abundance and freedom. 

This workshop is about answering ONE question: 
Our thoughts and energy create our reality. Every thought we have creates an energy flow within our body and our energy manifests into our experiences. 
If your intentions are NOT manifesting into your reality, it’s probably because you’re NOT feeling happy, free, secure and in the present. 
Instead of writing down your goals that you’ll forget about in a few'll practice how to THINK and FEEL more empowering and positive thoughts.
In this virtual workshop, I’ll be sharing:
  1. What crystals are...and why they're so powerful
  2. How to work with crystals
  3. How to select the right crystals for you...and insight on how to develop a practice with crystals

Bonus! Nikki will walk you through a step-by-step process to cleanse, activate and charge your crystals

Spaces is limited, secure your seat!

Details to access the workshop will be sent via email after you sign up. 

Date: Sunday, November 1st, 2020 
Time: 1pm — 2:30pm (PST) with replay if you can’t make that exact time.
Where:  LIVE online via ZOOM 
Investment: $37 
Message Nikki Lynn on Instagram @thezenlyshop with any questions!