Awakened Women Mentorship Program

Awakened Women Mentorship Program

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Does this sound familiar...

  • You want to learn proven tools & techniques for self-healing
  • You want to get off the treadmill of stress & anxiety 
  • You want to prevent burnout & self sabotage

That's where the Awakened Women Mentorship Program comes in.

Imagine 12 amazing weeks of self healing, self love & self care. You’ll get the tools, techniques & one-to-one coaching to upgrade your life.

Step 1: End the cycle of self sabotage

You can expect your negativity to begin to recede, evaporate & go away.

Step 2: Cultivate self compassion 

You can expect your inner critic to soften as you deepen your self awareness.

Step 3: Create your code of conduct

You can expect to feel aligned with your values and begin to live by them.  

Step 4: Prioritize your time & energy

You can expect to have more time & energy for the things that you enjoy.

Step 5: Rest & play

You can expect to feel more creative and ready to do your best work. 

Step 6: Develop your plan

You can expect to feel nourished from the inside out.

What’s included... 

Your time is now.

    Are you ready for self healing, self love & self care?

    No more feeling like a hot mess. No more trying to 'keep your shit together'.

    Cheers to being your most empowered self!

    XX, Nicole Lynn