Wholesale Application — Gemstone Bracelets

Awaken Your Tribe 

Welcome to the zen world of The Zenly Shop. We create jewelry with a purpose, to help you stress less with aromatherapy. If you're reading this, you're most likely interested in how to purchase our unique diffuser bracelets at wholesale prices.

Lucky for you, we have a simple process for this. We offer 50% off your entire order after you reach the minimum purchase amount of $400. That means the minimum amount comes out to only $200! Simply use this wholesale discount code at checkout: ZENLYWHOLE

We love partnering with like-minded retailers, yoga studios, boutiques, and spas to help bring our gemstone jewelry to people all around the world. If you have questions or need more information please email us at tribe@thezenlyshop.com or call us at 1-315-869-5173.

We can't hardly wait to connect with you! Namaste friend.