Guided Meditations: Journey Through the Chakras

Access part 1, 2 & 3 by clicking the links below. You'll be directed to Dropbox. 

Part 1 - Body Scan
Take a comfortable position seated or lying on the ground. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Let go of all the concerns of the day and be present in the moment. Feel your connection with the earth. Imagine the energy of the earth flowing up through your feet and throughout your entire body. Connect with your feet, legs, and thighs. Stretch and flex them to get in touch with any tension you may feel there. Breathe deeply, exhale, let go completely, releasing all tension in your feet and legs. 

Part 2 - Journey through the chakras
Imagine now that you're going on a journey to visit each of your chakras, the energy centers, where you hold your power of being. Within each of the chakras there life issues to learn from, to heal, and to transform as you grow and evolve on you life journey.

Part 3 - Return to the present moment 
Begin to return to your body, breathe deeply, and connect with your feet and your toes. Try stretching and flexing your feet and toes to feel more connected with your body. Listen as I count from five to one and with each number you'll feel more present and relaxed in your body.