Mindfulness Training For Leadership Success

Mindfulness training for your leadership team is the key to help leaders manage their stress. 

Mindfulness is proven to help leaders manage their stress, which reduces employee stress, creates a better workplace, and improves the bottom line.
One of the most effective ways to manage stress on a daily basis is mindfulness. When leaders actively engage in mindfulness stress based stress reduction (MBSR) techniques, the "psychological capital" of an organization rises.

What can mindfulness training do for your team? 


Studies shown that mindfulness improves ability to sustain attention, tune out distractions, and make snap decisions.


Increase creativity in problem-solving and reduces decision fatigue.


Reduce stress-related symptoms, leading to healthier minds and bodies.

Ready to get started? Learn how mindfulness can empower your team.

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Meet Your Trainer

Nikki Lynn is a teacher —turned mindfulness trainer for women who lead and high-achieving sales teams. She's the Founder of The Zenly Shop, a mindfulness lifestyle company, and known for her Sister Circles where she teaches her clients how to create a sustainable self care practice using mindfulness based stress reduction techniques (MBSRT).