Awakened Women Mentorship Program

Hey Sis, you're in the right place.

This 6 week mentorship program is for women in business who are ready to end the cycle of self sabotage, unapologetically love themselves, and clear the blocks & limitations that've held them back.

This program is for you if...

  • You crave a balanced, compassionate, happy and dynamic life free of BS and full of authenticity.

  • You're ready to dig deep, shift limiting beliefs, and possibly make compassionate and wholehearted transformational tweaks to their lives.

  • You''re willing to consider what having a balanced and joyful life would look and feel like.

  • You're downright courageous and self-motivated. 

What to expect...

Week one: end the cycle of self-sabotage 

  • understand how self-sabotage undermines your success
  • identify what self-destructive habits are holding you back 
  • identify root causes that may lead to unhealthy ways you cope with stress 

Week two: unapologetically love yourself

  • learn how mirror gazing helps you develop a loving sense of self
  • practice using affirmations to quiet your inner critic 
  • tap into your intuitive self to reclaim your voice

    Week three: get aligned AF

    • learn the 7 key energy centers in your body
    • explore your chakras for mind-body-spirt alignment
    • practice energy healing 

    Week four: set healthy boundaries 

    • learn why saying NO is good for your health
    • practice saying NO with integrity & compassion
    • create your absolute NO list 

    Week five: develop your self care plan

    • identify the types of activities that nourish you
    • upgrade your self care
    • create a self care plan that nourishes your mind-body-spirit

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