Intuitive Crystal & Card Reading


About Nikki Lynn...

I am a self care advisor, teacher & mentor rolled all into one! I help women raise their vibration using energy healing. Think of me like a personal trainer for your mind, body & spirit.

I serve by offering guidance on mental, physical, emotional and energetic that you can tap into your very own “inner wisdom” using crystals, tarot cards and conscious conversations with spirit guides.

I created a custom style of ‘Soulful Storytelling’ to read the past, present & future for my private clients, high vibe book club & mentorship program.

What to expect...

You see, this reading is not like anything else out there. It's a game changer. Everything revealed will speak to you on a soul level.

....Imagine feeling seen, heard, and supported (without judgement)

....Imagine getting the answers you've been searching for (and then some)

...Imagine feeling like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders (literally!)

How it works...

With my guidance, you and I will pick from dozens of tarot cards and crystals. Then, we'll decipher what it all means virtually via ZOOM.

I love building crystal grids, so I will lay out everything on a curated grid to develop a storybook for your life through card images and stone meanings.

What you will walk away with...

You’ll gain clarity on relationships, career path, addictive behaviors, self-care routines, personal boundaries, intuition and major life decisions.

Nothing is off limits! Your reading will focus on bringing insight, awareness and resolution to life's challenges so that you can successfully overcome them.

Ready to receive the spiritual guidance you've been looking for?

XO — Nikki 
P.S. I like to keep things simple and relatable, so you’ll get practical action steps and understandable advice based on the information you uncover in the session.