Congrats on starting your self-care journey with crystals! It's time to cleanse, charge and activate your crystal so that you can harness its full potential. So we've created a 3-part audio tutorial for you on how to do this. You can expect easy, actionable, steps for you to follow in under 5 minutes. Click the link below to get started. Excited to support your journey of self discovery & self healing.

Start Here: Welcome Message from Nikki Lynn

Step One: How to Cleanse Your Crystal 

Step Two: How to Charge Your Crystal 

Step three: How to Activate Your Crystal 

Mission accomplished! You've successfully cleansed, charged and activated your crystal. Please reach out to Nikki @TheZenlyShop on Instagram with any questions or for guidance. She's on a mission to help women raise their vibration every day using crystals for energy healing so that they can live with more peace, power and purpose. Reach out to her for spiritual guidance. 

Sat Nam