Angel Aura Quartz Crystal

Angel Aura Quartz Is For You If...

Want to connect with the subtle yet magical energy of the angelic realm? Are negative emotions keeping you from enjoying peace and calm? Do you wish you could experience the healing energy of a personal guardian angel?

If you said "yes" to any of these situations, you need to work with Angel Aura Quartz. 

About Angel Aura Quartz

If the physical world puts a damper on your vibrant self, let the magical energy of Angel Aura Quartz connect you to your rainbow of radiance. Doesn't matter how dull your day gets, the Angel Aura Quartz energy can activate your optimism and joy.

Since it's a high vibrational stone. Consider it your spiritual slump remedy. Tune into the Angel Aura Quartz energy to feel your sense of love for yourself, others and the world in general, rejuvenated. Plated with high quality metals like platinum and silver, the Angel Aura Quartz crystal combines the high vibrational power of mother nature with the brilliance created from a treatment of precious metals.

Angel Aura Quartz Healing

The Angel Aura Quartz healing is about magnifying the bond with yourself and others. It can renew your faith in humanity, reconnect your inner child and motivates you to be the change you wish to see.

Connect with Angel Aura Quartz to activate your heart chakra with love & positivity. Whether you’re using the Angel Aura Quartz crystal to become more open, honest & loving with yourself or others, you’ll benefit from the effect its energy has on your whole being. Reconnect with the abundant possibilities using Angel Aura Quartz.

Using Angel Aura Quartz

Using your Angel Aura Quartz to bring love and joy into your life...

The best ways to connect with the Angel Aura Quartz energy are to carry it in your purse or pocket, wear it as jewelry and/or place it in your home. This helps align your spirit with its properties, acting as your personal guardian angel. 


Stay connected to your personal guardian angel with the Angel Aura Quartz crystal worn as jewelry. When your heart feels void of all the joy and magic in the world, look to the Angel Aura Quartz energies hand-made into a necklace or bracelet.


A common way to benefit from Angel Aura Quartz healing properties is by carrying a stone in your purse or pocket. Even consider adding it to your daily meditation practice, along with an intention. 

Angel Aura Quartz intention: I am surrounded with the gentle, healing energy of my guardian angel.


Used for its gentle, loving vibrations, the Angel Aura Quartz is a magical energy tool for infusing your space with calm, peaceful vibes. Place it in your living room to use for crystal grids or keep it in your bedroom for peaceful sleep, knowing that your guardian angel uplifts your heart with joy. 

How to clear and activate your Angel Aura Quartz 

Clear any negative programming from your Angel Aura Quartz so that its energies are receptive to your intention to receive love and guidance. Here are a few options to cleans your crystal, be sure to take necessary precautions when using smoke indoors. 

Sacred smoke 

Sage and Palo Santo are a wonderful clearing tool, quickly carrying away stagnant or negative energy. Fully immerse your Angel Aura Quartz crystal in sacred smoke for 30 seconds or until it seems bright and vibrant. 


A powerful crystals for purifying and magnifying energy, a selenite wand is an excellent energy cleansing tool. It works by infusing your crystals with pure white light. Place your Angel Aura on the Selenite for a minimum of 4 hours or more. 


*description from energy muse dot com