Chakra Collection

Did you know: you are a rainbow?
Imagine a bright colored rainbow running along your spine. Every color represents a different energy center in your body, known as a Chakra (it's kinda like when a white light is beamed through a prism and it reflects the colors of the rainbow).  
There are seven key energy centers: the crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root. It's important to support your Chakras so they don't get all out-of-whack. You can tell when one of your energy centers is imbalanced simply by how you feel: physically and emotionally. 
If you want to balance your Chakras, it's recommended to wear gemstones and essential oils associated with whichever one is out-of-whack. It's truly amazing how the healing powers of gemstones help to create a greater sense of physical and emotional balance. We are passionate about creating chakra-healing-jewelry that is just as beautiful as it is intentional. Wear them individually or stack them to balance all your Chakras.
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